MONOPOLYO was created to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines. A game, a dialogue, a provocation, the zine maps out the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth in New York through a game of monopoly. 

The webzine takes on the POV of Marcos to show the frivolity and sheer ridiculousness of not only the theft he committed but also his refusal to repent for his sins to the public. Rolling the dice points to words and phrases, instead of numbers, to open up conversations and reflections on Martial Law, overriding the myth-making his family continues to propagate to erase the atrocities they have done to the Philippine republic.

Read more about Martial Law in this open access digital library.

Kwago is the first publishing laboratory in the Philippines. Run by a collective of artists, writers, teachers, and engineers, Kwago develops publications, programs and projects to nurture creative and critical consciousness.

E.L. Guerrero is a Filipino media + software artist residing in Canada.

Czyka Tumaliuan is a Filipina researcher, writer, and cultural worker based in the Philippines. She is the founder of Kwago.

Tropikal font by Gab Reyes, Anahaw font by Hanken Design Co.

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